Zug, Switzerland

Canton Zug in central Switzerland is the country’s smallest canton, comprising 11 municipalities covering an area of almost 240 sq. km. On hearing the name Zug, you may immediately think “tax paradise” or perhaps “kirsch gateau”. But business tourism and the MICE sector (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Event) play a major role in the economy of the town of Zug, which is located in central Switzerland roughly midway between Zurich and Lucerne. Some 20% of the town’s around 26,000 population stem from 90 nationalities other than Swiss. Although the region’s official language is Swiss-German, English is becoming increasingly important on the business front. The city was an important commercial centre on the trading route over the Gotthard as long ago as 1300. But this lakeside city has plenty to offer vacation visitors: picture-postcard countryside, culture, tradition, peace & tranquillity and plenty of sporting action. And for history buffs - agricultural activity on the shores of Lake Zug dates back over 4000 years. Zug is well worth a visit at any time of year. Experience its winter magic on romantic walks on the Zugerberg or Sattel mountains.

The town of Zug covers an area of around 22 sq. km. Over one-third is agricultural land and another one- third is forest. A small percentage is taken up by rivers, glaciers and mountains and the remaining approximately 25% is developed. The old-town quarter is very compact and very little of the town wall and only four of the its towers now remain. The town’s most striking old building is the late 15th century parish church of St Oswald. The former town hall, also dating from the 15th century, now houses the Historical and Antiquarian Museum. Further up the hillside is a Capuchin convent which holds a prominent position and actually leans against the old town wall. The “new” parish church of St. Michael, consecrated in 1902, stands higher up than the convent, outside the old-town quarter. In contrast, the more contemporary business quarter is on a rise north of the old-town quarter near the modern railway station. Zug is a low-tax region in Switzerland and headquarters for a number of multinational enterprises. The lake shore has been embanked and forms a promenade, with glorious views of snow-covered Alpine peaks as well as the Rigi and Pilatus.


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